How to cancel Best Buy Credit Card?

How to cancel Best Buy Credit Card?

How to Cancel Your Best Buy Credit Card: A Step-by-Step Guide

In this guide, we will explore the process of canceling a Best Buy credit card. Whether your shopping spree is over, or you’re seeking to simplify your financial landscape, canceling your Best Buy credit card can be a quick and straightforward task. We will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the cancellation process, which involves two primary methods: a phone call to customer service or an email-based request. By the end of this article, you will be well-equipped to make an informed decision about closing your Best Buy credit card.

Key Takeaways

Straightforward Cancellation Process:

  • Best Buy credit card can be canceled using two main methods: via a direct phone call to customer service or by sending an email request. Both methods aim to provide convenience and a straightforward path towards cancellation for the cardholders.

Implications on Credit Score:

  • While the impact on your credit score from canceling a Best Buy credit card may be minimal, considering factors like credit utilization and the age of your credit account is crucial. Closing an account, especially one with a larger credit line, can affect your overall credit utilization ratio and potentially lower your credit score slightly.

Two Main Types of Best Buy Credit Cards:

  • Best Buy offers the “closed-loop” My Best Buy Card, which is usable only at Best Buy locations, typically with no annual fee, and the “open-loop” My Best Buy VISA Card, which can be used wherever VISA is accepted and may have varying annual fees depending on your card status (Gold or Platinum).

Alternative Credit Cards are Available:

  • In case you decide to part ways with your Best Buy credit card, several alternatives offer varying rewards and benefits, such as the Costco Anywhere Visa, Macy’s American Express, Walmart Rewards MasterCard, Kohl’s Credit Card, and Target Red Card. Considering alternative cards might provide you with reward programs and benefits that align better with your shopping habits and financial management strategies.

The Easiest Way to Cancel Your Best Buy Credit Card

How to cancel Best Buy Credit Card?

Steps to Cancel the Card

When you’ve reached the decision to part ways with your Best Buy credit card, the cancellation process is remarkably straightforward. Here are the key steps:

– Dial Customer Service: Begin by contacting the customer service hotline at (888) 574-1301, the most expedient approach.

– Provide Your Account Number: Have your account number readily available as it will be required during the cancellation process.

– Dialogue with a Representative: Once you connect with a customer service representative, express your intention to cancel your Best Buy credit card.

– Retention Offers: Expect the representative to present persuasive offers aimed at retaining you as a cardholder. These incentives might be enticing, but stay resolute in your decision if you’re committed to cancellation.

– Confirmation Letter and Credit Reporting: After the cancellation process is completed, anticipate receiving a confirmation letter from the card issuer within a few weeks. Additionally, the card issuer will notify credit reporting agencies that your Best Buy credit card is no longer active.

Alternative Method: Canceling via Email

For those who prefer to handle financial matters through written communication, there is an email-based alternative to cancel your Best Buy credit card. Here’s how:

– Access Your Email: Log in to the email account associated with your Best Buy profile.

– Recipient Details: Address your email to the customer support email:

– Subject Line: In the subject line, indicate “REQUEST TO CANCEL MY CREDIT CARD.”

– Cancellation Request: In the body of the email, compose a brief and clear message requesting the cancellation of your credit card.

– Monitor Your Email: Keep a watchful eye on your email for any responses. If the card issuer requires additional information, promptly provide it.

Both the phone call and email-based methods ensure a streamlined process for canceling your Best Buy credit card, offering flexibility and convenience for cardholders.

The Impact on Your Credit Score

Cancelling a Store Credit Card and Your Credit Score

Closing a store credit card, such as your Best Buy credit card, can have implications for your credit score. However, it’s essential to understand that the impact is typically minimal. Store credit cards account for only a small portion, about 10%, of your overall credit score, as per FICO’s scoring model. While the decrease in your credit score may be a few points, other factors weigh more heavily.

The Role of Credit Utilization

One factor to consider is credit utilization, which reflects how much of your credit is dependent on a specific card. For example, if your Best Buy card represents a substantial portion of your credit line, closing it will shrink your available credit, potentially affecting your score. If the balance on the card is paid off, it eliminates the interest factor. Plus, if your card has no annual fee, it might be wise to keep it open for credit utilization purposes. If the temptation to use the card remains a concern, consider cutting it up or entrusting it to someone you trust.

Additional Information About Best Buy Credit Cards

Best Buy offers two primary credit card types:

– My Best Buy Card: This is a “closed-loop” card, exclusively usable at Best Buy locations. It typically does not have an annual fee.

– My Best Buy VISA Card: This is an “open-loop” card, accepted anywhere VISA is. With this card, you might qualify for Gold or Platinum status. The Gold card carries a $59 annual fee, while the Platinum version does not.

Credit Score Requirements

The specific credit score requirements for Best Buy cards can be somewhat nebulous, with various sources offering differing insights. Generally, a score around 700 may be necessary for approval, but it might not need to be quite that high for certain versions of the card.

Insights into the Rewards Program

Best Buy offers a loyalty points program for cardholders. For every 250 points accumulated through purchases, you receive a $5 certificate. Cardholders can also earn 5% back on all Best Buy purchases, making it an enticing choice for regular shoppers.

Exploring Alternatives to Best Buy Credit Card

If you decide to part ways with your Best Buy credit card, you might want to consider alternative store credit cards. Here’s a brief overview of some excellent options:

– Costco Anywhere Visa: An open-loop card offering 4% cash back on gas and electric vehicle charging purchases, 3% cash back at restaurants, and 2% on all Costco purchases.

– Macy’s American Express: Another open-loop card providing 3% cash back at restaurants, 2% on gas and at supermarkets, and 1% back everywhere else.

– Walmart Rewards MasterCard: Ideal for frequent Walmart shoppers, this card offers 5% back on Walmart purchases, 2% at restaurants, and 1% everywhere else. Cardholders also enjoy free 2-day shipping and no annual fee.

– Kohl’s Credit Card: With a 35% discount on your first purchase, 7% in Kohl’s rewards for each purchase afterward, and special anniversary offers, this is an enticing option for Kohl’s shoppers.

– Target Red Card: Offering a 5% discount on most Target purchases, with no annual fee and free shipping on all orders, this card also provides a yearly anniversary coupon for 10% off an order.


In conclusion, when it comes to canceling your Best Buy credit card, make your decision wisely. Understanding the implications is crucial. The article has shed light on the process and its potential impact on your financial health.

It’s vital to consider your credit score – the cancellation’s effect might be marginal, but it’s still wise to factor it in. If you have no annual fee and low temptation, keeping the card open could be a prudent choice. However, if you’re set on closure, explore alternatives. Store credit cards like the Costco Anywhere Visa, Macy’s American Express, Walmart Rewards MasterCard, Kohl’s Credit Card, or Target Red Card offer distinct benefits. Your financial path is yours to shape, so choose wisely.


Will canceling my Best Buy credit card negatively impact my credit score?

Yes, canceling a credit card can impact your credit score. The extent of the impact might be minimal and depends on your overall credit utilization and the age of the account.

Can the Best Buy credit card be canceled via both phone and email?

Yes, the card can be canceled by calling customer service at (888) 574-1301 or by sending an email request for cancellation to

What are some offers and incentives that might be provided during the cancellation process?

Upon attempting to cancel, the customer service representative might present offers aimed at retaining you, such as exclusive discounts or bonus reward points, to persuade you to keep the account open.

If I decide to close my Best Buy credit card, are there alternative credit cards with reward programs?

Yes, there are alternative credit cards like the Costco Anywhere Visa, Macy’s American Express, Walmart Rewards MasterCard, Kohl’s Credit Card, and Target Red Card, each offering their distinct benefits and reward programs.